29th Summer Universiade Taipei

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This summer more than 13,000 athletes from around 150 countries travelled to the 29th Universiade in Taiwan’s capital city of Taipei. As in previous years, the World Student Games kicked-off with a spectacular show that wowed both athletes and spectators and set the mood for the days of competition to follow.

Together with Interplan, the local agency from Taiwan and producer of the event, we developed a show concept of superior quality – from initial ideas, to a successful tender win, right up to the opening show. In so doing, we supported Interplan with our creative and production experience. Indeed, since as early as February 2016, Hans-Christoph Mücke, Head of the Creative Team, lead the realization and rehearsal process, developing many different ideas that merged to create an overall concept containing three emotional chapters, expressing the past, present and future of Taiwan: Vibrant Island, Hybrid Taipei and Global Tribe. In between the opening ceremony’s formal contributions, as dictated by protocol, Taiwan’s history awakened to life. Outstanding performers, rousing music, dancers in traditional costumes and show effects whisked the audience away to an Asian world and created vivid images that will remain in the spectators’ memory for a long time to come.



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Details about the project

Customer and Producer:
Interplan Group Taiwan

Head of Creative Team / Creative Consultant:
Hans-Christoph Mücke

Production Consultant:
Konrad Kuschel

Special thanks to:
Michael and Frank Tu, Martha Weng, Samuel Wang, Michael Robinson, Amy Chen, Tobias Stupeler and the whole team

friendly supply:
Chun Yi Chiang
Sherry Jian