Adam und Eva Award

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Outstanding brand experiences and lively communication are what the ADAM & EVA Award is all about. In cooperation with insglück, Elements Entertainment turns the award ceremony into an extremely seductive live event.

Our staging is loud, colourful and unique. The event story integrates every element of the award ceremony: the award winners, the FAMAB brand and the audience. The combination of live performance and video animations produces an entertaining show experience. Show effects in all the right places draw the emotions together at the perfect time, creating those special, unforgettable show moments.

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More pictures of the award show

Elements Entertainment, Buehne, BEA-Award, Blattadern

Elements Entertainment, Explosion, Fire, Pyro,

Elements Entertainemnt, Kometen, BEA, Award

Elements Entertainemnt, Organisches Netzwerk, LED-Flaeche

Elements Entertainment, BEA, Award, Tropeninsel, Fernsehfläche

Elements Entertainment, BEA, Award, Wueste, Saengerin


Details about the project

Conczept, Visualisations and show direction:
Hans-Christoph Mücke
Udo Rabenstein
Detlef Winzen, insglück
Michael Giegerich, bright!
Oliver Dierkes, EventDJ

Technical planing and effect design:
Felix Wolff
Hans-Christoph Mücke

Elements Entertainment GmbH

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