Pyrotechnic effects

Show Effects

Expertly playing with fire creates moments of surprise that make the atmosphere boil over or gives your audience a warm glow. With our pyrotechnic effects, we highlight selected moments of your event, performance or stage show visually and acoustically and intensify their effects.

Pyrotechnics is one of our specialities. We have been staging fiery backdrops of effects for events, TV productions and live music for many years. Lightning strikes, fountains, comets, cauldrons of fire, columns of flames, waterfalls, falling stars, boom effects, sparks, tethered rockets... it is hard to name an effect that we are not familiar with and cannot implement.

Technical requirements:
We use the latest technology for our firework displays – digital ignition systems with cabled or remote controllable system components. We are not tied to a specific manufacturer. Why? Because this gives us the freedom to choose the best-quality and most effective effects for every occasion. When selecting the effects to use, we always follow our motto: no effects for the sake of it! We are only interested in the overall look and in improving its impact.

Numerous statutory provisions apply to the use of pyrotechnics. We are familiar with all of them and take care of the official registrations and approvals required. In our work, we follow the highest safety standards and take all the necessary precautions.

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