CO2 effects

Show Effects

By liquefying and refrigerating CO2 under pressure, we turn the gas into an effect element for tremendous CO2 jets. The ice-cold clouds of smoke dissipate immediately, making them ideal for dynamic and accurate effect images (without annoying residual smoke that hides what is happening on the stage for seconds afterwards). If required, we can add show confetti and shoot it into the air above the stage or winner's podium at high pressure. Our CO2 effects can be used indoors or outdoors and are effective anywhere from small rooms to huge stadiums. We select the ideal equipment for each occasion from our comprehensive collection.

Background and saving resources
CO2 is a natural part of the air we breathe and is very versatile for use as a gas – for keeping food fresh, for environmentally-friendly water treatment or for putting out fires, for example. Most of the CO2 we use in our productions is a by-product of manufacturing processes, so we are providing a secondary use for existing CO2.

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