Balloons and flying objects

Show Effects

Children love balloons – and adults enjoy flying toys almost as much. Balloons that fall from above during a show are an effective way to include your audience in your performance without great effort, turning them into co-performers. That is why we can make it rain balloons for you: small or large, made from foil or latex, always perfect for the occasion and the objective of the event. Red hearts are a declaration of love to your audience; glittering stars create magic moments. Want to bet that an enormous football balloon turns the crowd into a fun-filled experience?

Remote-controlled flying objects:
Satellites circle above the audience, floating sea creatures transform the event location into an underwater world, flying products bring life to the showroom. With our remote-controlled flying objects, we create unforgettable images and communicate your messages in a unique way, be it in a room, hall or stadium. Remote control allows precise flight choreography, including planned interactions between people and objects.

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